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Summer 2022 Ranch Update: Remembering to be Thankful

The second quarter of every year is a time of great juxtaposition. The uncertainty of the weather is paralleled by beautiful landscapes of green, filled with blooming flowers and an awakening of life. The annual rainfall for this year (which runs from September 1st, 2021 through August 31, 2022) is sitting just shy of 10 inches, which equates to approximately 66% of normal, and equal to roughly 63% of what we would have expected for an average total rainfall annually. Now there’s still a chance to get a little more rain through the month of May, but it’s safe to say that we are experiencing another drought year. Coupled with this lack of rainfall, are dry, and often cold (mornings) conditions. Since bud break usually takes place in our vineyard in March/April, these cold conditions are a source of major anxiety in hopes that we do not hit freezing temperatures, therefore risking those precious buds to burn. So far, we have had some scares but have been relatively lucky in our pursuit to make it through to summer weather. Unfortunately, our friends up in Napa and Sonoma County weren’t as lucky as of late, having a few nights of freezing temps which caused some burning of precious leaf growth and infant clusters. 

This is all to say that every year is a gamble in this business. The industry can take a major hit at any moment, and it is wildly important to remember to be thankful for what we have. Last year, for example, we only achieved 48% of average rainfall, so at least we are doing better thus far! 

Aside from the struggle with water, lots of wonderful things have been happening on the ranch! We had an amazing March where we were able to bottle not only our 2021 Sauv. Blanc and Rosé, but quite a few other blockbusters like the 2021 Mission and 2021 Buffalo! Alongside that are a few whites, some Verdelho and Viognier, both new under the Venture label! 

By summertime, we should have all of our newest ranch animals back on the property, including little lambs, and baby pigs! Stay tuned to our social media channels for some cute, lovable, farm animal content!

As always, a huge thank you goes out to our members for the amazing love and support you continue to show us. We are lucky to all live in such a beautiful place, in a country where good wine and food are readily available. No matter what state the world is in, we promise to provide you with comfort and happiness in our tasting room, in a bottle of our wine, or both! We hope you have a great Spring and Summer and look forward to seeing you all soon!