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What Makes our Estate Sauv Blanc a Symphony of Sorts?

Here at Rancho Santa Ynez, we are very proud to present our unique estate-grown Sauvignon Blanc. It is unlike any other in its class, so sit back and enjoy the “show” while we unfold the history and characteristics of this Sauv Blanc Symphony (cue your favorite song or playlist!).

Dating back several centuries, Sauvignon Blanc originated in the Bordeaux region of France. The name “Sauvignon” comes from the French word “sauvage”, meaning wild and refers to the grape’s wild, untamed personality. In the 18th century it spread to the Loire Valley where the cool climate and unique terroir provided favorable conditions for harvest and high quality wines. Eventually, exceptional recognition of this wine varietal was noted in the 1970’s in New Zealand where the vibrant flavors of their Sauvignon Blanc captured the attention of wine enthusiasts worldwide. Today, a wide range of winemaking styles and terroirs around the world make the delightful expressions in this wine favorable to all wine lovers and food pairings. Our timeless and elegant Sauvignon Blanc may seem fancy in its careful cultivation and creative complexities, but oh so casual in its versatility. You are in for quite a treat!

As with any exceptional symphony, layers of instruments (or wine notes, in this case!) support one another and divided movements showcase a variety of expressions which help structure the overall composition. Our 2023 Sauvignon Blanc is an orchestral ensemble of controlled curation with the use of stainless steel offering that precision for crispness, neutral oak presenting that roundness for a slight bit of creaminess, and concrete establishing that layered quality for distinct minerality throughout.

The orchestral texture of our favorite Sauv Blanc made to date unifies aromas of jasmine, fresh melon and pea tendril and flavors of lime zest, white tea, and fresh pear. A symphony will often incorporate a compelling range of sounds, and so with this wine we wanted to find that median balance between loud and quiet, strong and soft. Our acre and a half of Sauvignon Blanc is meticulously grown with a balance of sun and shade and harvested at just the right times to create a truly one of a kind wine with an unmistakable aroma wheel and flavor palette. Serve chilled on a warm summer night alongside smoked fish tacos with jalapeno pico de gallo. Or explore our RECIPES page to get inspired!

It is worth noting that symphonies do not necessarily have fixed rules, as composers will experiment and expand upon traditional and innovative elements. This is precisely what makes the thoughtful wine growing and wine making process of Mike, Brooke & Chase Carhartt so cohesive yet dynamic.

This 2023 Sauvignon Blanc is available in LIMITED QUANTITIES, so be sure to stock up!

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